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Dark Waters Baja Floatline is the beefiest line on the market hands down. We were searching for a line we could have ripped into the deep, dark holes of Baja and we think we have found the perfect line.

It comes with a super thick shell and is cored with 1000lb dyneema.  The line is perfect for shooting pargo and anything else where your line may be dragged through the rocks.

We do not put any extra stretch in these lines so you can immediately put the brakes on your fish and horse it up.  It is possible to stretch this line if you would like extra line in it.

Currently only available in clear with colored dyneema but as interest continues we will bring on more colors.

The Dark Waters Baja Floatline comes with a Lifetime Guarantee during normal use.


Available in the following lengths and colors:


Clear -White Dyneema

For custom colors and lengths please use the Custom Baja Line order form